Babylon Sister (Tribute to Steely Dan)

Babylonsisteraffiche895The idea grew from the minds of Pascal Richard and Daniel Desaulniers who decided to share their love for Steely Dan’s music with the help of 11 other great musicians from Montreal. The lineup quickly came together and rehearsals began…

Now Babylon Sister is a full grown project that plays some of the greatest tunes from Steely Dan’s awesome song book. From the early records to the latest, nothing is left behind and the band constantly upgrades the setlists and the arrangements. Those lush and intricate colours that we’ve come to love from Steely Dan’s music come together with an elaborate band that consists of a 4 horns section, 3 background singers, 2 keyboard players with the usual core rhythm section of guitar, bass and drums.

A great band for a great night of music celebrating the incredible work of Steely Dan. Babylon Sister… shake it !

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