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The Blushing Brides (Tribute to The Rolling Stones)

blushing-brides1200The world most dangerous tribute to the music of the Rolling Stones

Obviously The Blushing Brides are no average bar band or mediocre clone act of posers. The Brides generate interest, and expand their already extensive following, every time they step on stage! The performance is always honest, true, high intensity Rolling Stones, R&B & original music. The Brides perpetually leave it all on stage, and never disappoint. The Brides consistently give the people what they came to experience. They are simply the essence of true musical professionalism…the audience is never cheated or disappointed!

It becomes abundantly clear, early in the performance, that the Blushing Brides are something exceedingly special and excessively unique in an industry of rampant mediocrity, permeated with bands aspiring to harness the excitement only the Rolling Stones could previously deliver…The Brides are able to generate an intensity where all others have failed miserably. The phenomenon and mystique – that are “the Brides,” is solely attributable to Maurice Raymond perseverance and longevity. In a business where showmanship should be paramount, Raymond has no rivals and is in a class all his own! The potency of his stage presence, persona, and musical interpretations, transform each performance into a memorable concert spectacle. The sensual and provocative stage prancing conducted tirelessly by Raymond, combined with the bands brilliance and energy, overwhelms the audience and creates an intensely electrified atmosphere!

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